Five Crucial Conversations at the Heart of Customer-Centric Organizations

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Title: Five Crucial Conversations at the Heart of Customer-Centric Organizations

Date: Wednesday, November 18, 2015, 1:00 pm EST

Duration: 00:55:43

Presenter: David Maxfield


Many of us have experienced bad customer service at one time or another—whether it’s been with the cable company or within our own workplaces. And after one of these bad experiences, we typically talk with our wallets, not our mouths. We say nothing and simply take our business elsewhere.

A recent VitalSmarts study reveals there’s a way to prevent these silent but dissatisfied customers from leaving. It begins with our own employees. In the vast majority of organizations, coworkers witness bad customer service, but fail to speak up. In the best organizations, coworkers hold each other accountable for delivering good customer service. Our study uncovered five crucial moments where employees must hold each other accountable—or risk losing customers.

These five crucial moments are pervasive (experienced by more than nine out of ten employees) and costly (they impact customer loyalty, employee engagement, and business results). However, the issue lies in the undiscussability of these challenges, not the challenge itself. In fact, when these challenges are promptly discussed and solved customer loyalty remains intact.

Join bestselling author and leading researcher David Maxfield to discuss this research and the solutions for speaking up to solve customer concerns. You’ll learn:

  • The five crucial moments that impact employees’ ability to serve customers
  • Practical skills for how employees can address these crucial moments effectively
  • How to create a culture of peer-to-peer accountability where people speak up when they observe colleagues delivering poor service

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