Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions

How can I test my system before a live webinar?

When you create an account, we will automatically test your computer to make sure our minimum system requirements are met. You can also test your system automatically. During the test, after each item has been checked, your system will display the result. If there is a problem, a warning message will appear with a link to additional helpful information.

The system test will verify the following:

  • Javascript Enabled
  • Supported Browser
  • Firewall
  • Bandwidth
  • Screen Resolution
  • Flash Player 10 (on old browsers)

Another great way to test is by watching a sample webinar located on the View an Event page.

How can I be extra sure that my system is ready?

If you are showing a live event in a conference room or have scheduled other important viewings, we recommend you review our Mission Critical Viewing Tips to ensure your success.

What are the recommended system requirements?

We recommend using recent operating system:

  • Windows 7+
  • Mac OS X 10.7 or greater
  • FYI: Linux typically works, but it is unsupported

Any modern computer with 2+ GB of RAM is going to be capable enough to watch.

The following items are verified when you create your account or run the automatic system test.

We recommend using the most recent web browsers:

  • Chrome 61+
  • Firefox 56+
  • Safari 11+
  • Edge 14+
  • Internet Explorer 11+

For old browsers with HLS support, Flash 10 or greater
JavaScript enabled
High Speed Internet Connection (1+ Mbps)

Why did I just lose video? How do I fix it?

Unfortunately, inconsistencies with your internet connection can occasionally interrupt your video stream.

The quickest and easiest fix is to click on the "reconnect" button in the bottom-left of the webinar interface. This will force the video to reconnect.

If the reconnect button doesn't work, you can "refresh" or "reload" your web browser. In Windows, the F5 key will typically cause a refresh. On the Mac, it is usually Command+R.

If you still can't get video, something must have went wrong. You should try the system test and make sure your system passes. Pay attention to any errors or warnings that come up.

Why does the video stop or freeze occasionally?

The problem may be that your internet connection is not fast enough (or at least not operating at advertised speeds). Use to verify that you have sufficient bandwidth. For best viewing, you should have at least 500 kbps (kilobits per second) download and 100 kbps upload. If your speeds are lower, there is good chance that you will continue to have problems. Please contact your internet service provider for an upgrade.

Why does the video not have any sound?

If the video is playing, you should also be hearing the audio since they are part of the same stream.

First double check the basics:

  1. Make sure you have speakers.
  2. Verify that the speakers are plugged in.
  3. Check to see if the speakers are working in another application. Try playing a CD.
  4. Make sure the speakers are not "muted".
  5. Make certain the volume of the speakers is turned up.
  6. Check that the system volume in your operating system is turned up.
  7. Some sound cards are only able to play audio from one source at a time, so make sure no other applications are using your sound card.
  8. If your audio is not working in any other application, try restarting the system before turning to your computer manufacturers' support.

If the audio is working in other applications, you may be having a problem with your flash player. Run the system test to see if you are using a current version of flash.

If you have more questions, please file a support request or contact us at We will respond to you as soon as possible.

Why did I just lose sound?

If you have never heard the audio, try the sound troubleshooting steps.

If you are hearing the audio and the sound suddenly stops (while the video keeps playing), first try hitting the reconnect button. If the problem continues, you may be experiencing a bug* released in a certain version of flash player.

Check Your Flash Player Version

  1. Go to the About Flash Player page to check your version
  2. If you have version 11.7.700.169 or lower, update your flash player by going to the Abode Flash Player Download page.
  3. If you have the latest version installed, please file a support request or contact us at We will respond to you as soon as possible.

*For more information about the bug, see the post Flash Player 11.7 Sound Playback Bug in the Adobe forums.

Can I make the video pane larger?

Yes! Click the Swap Media button (shown below) on the bottom-right of the webinar interface. This will swap positions of the video and slides.

If the speaker is not using slides, the video will already be large. You can make it larger by minimizing the chat panel on left side of the interface.

When will the question I submitted during a live event get answered?

All questions submitted are placed in a queue for the event moderators to review. They may answer them directly or send them on to the speaker. After you submit a question, a notice will be sent to you if your question gets sent to the presenter. In addition, the moderators may choose to specifically recommend a question to the presenter. These questions will be announced to everyone as they are recommended.

Due to timing constraints and the volume of questions, the presenter may not be able to address all the questions.

What if my question isn't in this FAQ list?

If you have any unanswered questions, please file a support request or contact us at We will be happy to respond to you as soon as possible. Thanks!