Features and Specs

A few technical details and explanations

Integrated Video

Integrated video streams live, right inside the viewers browser with virtually no delay. The video stream uses Adobe Flash Player, so if your audience can watch a YouTube video, they can watch your web event.

Broadcast with Any Camera

No special hardware required. Use an integrated webcam, any USB or Firewire camera, or let us work with a professional videographer for a broadcast-quality event.

Comprehensive System Test

As participants register for a webinar, our automated system test ensures they will have the best possible viewing experience. The vast majority will meet our requirements, but the test catches potential problems before the success of your event is at stake. The test verifies viewers have a supported browser (IE 7+, FF3+, Safari 5+, or Chrome 5+), sufficient bandwidth, javascript enabled, appropriate screen resolution, Flash 9.0.115+ installed, and no firewall issues. Viewers needing updates are prompted accordingly.

Customizable Registration

Capture any information you need and even accept payments during registration. All of this on pages with your logo and colors to match your brand.

Precision Recording and Replay

Every detail of the live presentation is recorded. Every message, every response, video and audio, slide changes... everything. This way, no one misses out on any of the action.

Integrated Audio

What good is live video without audio? And of course, the audio is integrated, so there are no conference numbers to dial.

Open Chat

The primary way the audience communicates to the presenter is with text chat messages. The default chat mode is open chat. This lets people talk to each other freely to ask questions and discuss the topic.

Moderated Chat

In moderated chat mode, questions first drop into a moderator queue where moderators evaluate the message and route it to the correct destination: either show it to the entire audience, block it from view, respond privately or publicly, or escalate the message to the presenter. The speaker sees the questions drop into the escalated queue immediately and can choose to address them when ready.

Quality Presentation Slides

Visual aid quality is important to us. We carefully implemented slides in a flexible way. Slides are uploaded as a PDF document and can be created in your preferred presentation software: Powerpoint, Keynote, Open Office, Google Docs, etc.

Access Control and Reporting

Managing a complicated attendee list becomes easy with our Registration Desk. Control not only who can view an event, but also who needs additional rights to moderate, present, or help with access control. In addition to the registration statistics, each event tracks who has attended live and replays including exact timestamps.