Enhancing Productions

A professional touch to webinar production

Production Options

Telenect can provide different levels of production support, depending on your needs, the needs of the speaker and expectations of the audience. We can be with you from start to finish to ensure a seamless professional quality event, or you can take more responsibility for options to meet those needs and stay within a budget.

Event Producer

Each event is assigned to a producer who handles every detail from coordinating with the client to making sure you feel (and look) comfortable.

Equipment Rental

If you'd like to use our equipment, we have rental packages available for higher video quality.

Onsite Crew

Bring the studio to you. We have a crew to send, or can hire locally for a full-scale production wherever you need it.

Remote Moderator

We provide a moderator to screen and escalate questions to the speaker, and respond to general participant inquiries.

Presentation Slides

You can upload slides yourself or hand them over to us.

Custom Design

We provide a customized look and feel to the webinar and lobby pages, but are happy to do additional customization work, if desired.


From email invitations to sending out pre-work, we're happy to help you disseminate the message.

Replay Editing

Replays are automatically uploaded without editing, but we're happy to make desired tweaks at your request.

DVD Replay

We automatically record and can easily create a DVD of your presentation , if using a camera crew.

Working with Bureaus

We partner with speakers bureaus to create additional speaking opportunities using this technology.